Overseas Mortgages

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Need an Overseas Mortgage to buy a property abroad?

We can help:

  • You secure a mortgage finance in a range of countries
  • With moving abroad, holiday homes and investment properties
  • Research all the best mortgage options available
  • Provide you with a professional hassle free service
About Overseas Mortgages

Since 2004, we have managed to help thousands of people buy or remortgage a property abroad with an overseas mortgage. No matter if you are looking for a holiday home, a place to live, or an investment property, we can help you access some of the best mortgage finance options available in countries around the world.

We understand that buying a property abroad can be daunting, but rest assured you are in safe hands. Our experienced mortgage advisers will not only try and find you the best mortgage available to suit your requirements, but they will also guide you effortlessly through the whole mortgage process.

Currently we can help arrange mortgages in:

France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Portugal and USA.