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Landlord Insurance


plumbingSpecialist landlord policies have built-in additional protection for landlords and if your property is mortgaged, the lender will insist that you have a plan that is designed to cover let property.

Having a portfolio of property can create administrative complications when each property is insured separately. Connect can offer block property cover, which means that you have just one policy with one annual renewal and payment. With a block policy, you can add and take away properties at any time throughout the year as you buy and sell, with just a simple phone call. Contact one of the Connect team to find out more.

With a rental property, traditional home insurance won’t be enough to protect it for what you need it to do. Whether you’ve got an investment property, inherited a house you’re thinking of renting out or already have a whole string of properties, you’ll need specialist landlord’s insurance to ensure you’re properly covered should the worst happen. As well as protecting your buildings and contents against loss and damage, landlords insurance safeguards against malicious damage, loss of rent, and other unexpected costs associated with being a landlord.

Rent Guarantee

If your tenant doesn’t pay the rent, it’s important to maintain your income so you can cover bills such as mortgage and rent payments, plus property upkeep. Rent guarantee can also assist you in evicting non-paying tenants, as well as covering the rent payments whilst they remain unpaid. That way, you’re not out of pocket.

Connect one of the insurance specialists at Connect to find out more information about Landlord plans. 


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