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Mortgage Calculator UK

How to use  our quick mortgage calculator

Mortgage Calculator

Use the calculator for a quick ball-park figure for what a mortgage might cost you each month.

For residential mortgages, in the main, most lenders will require you to take a Capital and Interest loan. However, most BTL mortgages are taken on an interest-only basis.

For residential mortgages, the loan should be paid off normally by the time you reach retirement, whereas we have many BTL lenders who will lend for a lot longer.

If you do not have an idea of the interest rate, you may like to use our Residential Mortgage Search or our BTL Mortgage Search instead.

This calculator is just a guide, so if you would like help in understanding how much you could borrow or afford, speak with one of our Connect Mortgage Advisers now. 

Calculate the monthly payments for a particular loan amount and interest rate using this repayment calculator.

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