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Stamp Duty Calculator

Property Rental Calculator

How to use the rental calculator

If you would like to know how much you can borrow based on the rent you can achieve on a property, enter the rent on the rental calculator. 

If you would like to know the mortgage you can raise based on an amount of rent, enter the rent on the calculator.

The typical affordability calculation rate used by the lenders is 5.5%. However, if this does not give the required outcome, there are some options. For example, some lenders will use the rate you are taking if it is fixed for 5 years or more. Use our BTL mortgage search for rates or contact a Connect Adviser. 

The lender will need a margin to cover your anticipated costs. If you are unsure, use 125% if you are a basic rate taxpayer or buying via a company, and 145% if you are a higher rate taxpayer. Contact a Connect BTL Adviser for assistance. 

Calculate the amount you may borrow, the amount rent you may charge and the amount of coverage.

Enter EITHER Mortgage Amount:
OR Monthly Rent:
Enter an interest rate, or use the typical rate indicated:
Amount of coverage required:

PLEASE NOTE: This tool should only be used as a guide to how much you may be able to borrow and does not represent a formal offer to lend. In order to find out how much you can borrow based on your requirements and circumstances please, contact a member of our team.

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