For many customers’ their own bank or building society is the first port of call when looking for a mortgage. This is completely understandable when you consider the type of relationship they already have with a bank i.e. setting up their first savings or bank account, having a credit card or even insurance policies.

But when it comes to a mortgage, the largest financial transaction they are likely to undertake, it’s worth speaking to a Broker, Connect Mortgages established in 1998 have access to over 100 lenders who offer 1,000s of mortgage products, which means we can truly find the best produce for your needs.

Many High Street lenders talk about understanding your needs and finding the right product for you, in reality they can only recommend their products and in many cases can’t lend to individuals based on their particular circumstances. What’s more, we aren’t talking about out of the ordinary situations, in many cases they are reasonably common scenarios, for example you might be self employed, a first time buyer, retired or have a challenging credit history.

The range of lenders we have access to means we can find a solution for you and without you having to do the legwork or wait weeks for an appointment with your bank. Here are some examples where lenders, we have a relationship with, have helped customers realise their property ambitions and who were turned away by the High Street:

Roger is aged 73 and his previous mortgage lender wouldn’t extend his term due to his age but he wanted to stay in his own home. One of our lenders allowed him to stay in his existing home with a new 14 year term mortgage.

Lee and Nicole, a young married couple who wanted to buy their first home, were struggling to find a large enough deposit. One of our lenders has a great 95% loan to value (LTV) product which meant with a little help from their family and a 5% deposit they managed to get on the property ladder.

James had been in full time employment for 5 years when 14 months ago he decided to work for himself and became self employed. He needed a residential mortgage to buy a new family home but was turned down by his existing bank. We secured a residential mortgage with a High Street lender having presented a complete picture of his circumstances.

If you have been turned away by a High Street Lender or are looking to review your mortgage package, talk to one of our Advisers today – we’ll do all the hard work for you and explain everything.

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