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About Life Cover

No one needs the added financial, practical and emotional problems that the death of a partner can bring, but sometimes without warning the unthinkable can happen. This is where life cover can really help. Having even a little protection in place to cover you and your partner in case one of you died would mean your loved ones would be looked after financially.

Many of us think protection is going to be expensive, but for just £10 per month a non-smoking male aged 36 next birthday, could obtain life cover of as much as £142,000 over a 25 year term. Insurance for your boiler with British Gas would cost £10.50 per month. Which one matters most?

Rates as at February 2016. The actual rate available will depend upon your circumstances. Please ask us for a personalised illustration

What type of cover do I need?

Mortgage protection

This type of plan pays out a lump sum to cover the outstanding balance on your mortgage. You should also consider taking cover for any other debts you have such as car loans or credit card balances. It is important to review your plans regularly; particularly when you move home, to ensure the cover is still appropriate for your needs.

Family protection

Many people take steps to ensure the mortgage is covered, but forget that this is only part of their outgoings. In the event of death, the family will still have bills to pay and food to buy plus any other costs to maintain a reasonable standard of living.Family protection plans can provide a regular income or a lump sum of money to ensure all essential outgoings can continue to be met.

How much cover do I need?

Everyone’s circumstances are different, but you should look to cover at least your essential outgoings and your outstanding mortgage and other debts. Connect and Protect offer a full advisory service to help you consider how much cover is needed and how long for.

Can we save you money on your existing plans?

If you have not reviewed your existing plans for some time, they may not be at the right level of cover for your circumstances or it is quite likely that we can save you many on the cost of these plans.

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